• Image of Tsurikawa
  • Image of Tsurikawa
  • Image of Tsurikawa
  • Image of Tsurikawa

The display of hanging a Tsurikawa (train handle) from cars, and bikes, became a symbol of rebellion and freedom.

In 70's to 90's Japan, car enthusiasts would steal Tsurikawas from trains, and hang them on their car’s rear bumpers, dragging them on the ground until they disintegrate.
By flaunting their stolen Tsurikawas they expressed their rebellion for societal norms.

- Tsurikawas are custom acrylic
- Removable protective film on both sides.
- Custom straps have three lengths of adjustment
- Easily connect and disconnect

Shipping includes tracking

If hanging from your bumper, recommended to permanently stitch.
May have small imperfections from manufacturing and shipping.

Feel free to email me with any questions or problems!